History of Zeepha Couture

In the 1940s, the French fashion industry entered the China market and opened many tailoring firms in Shanghai. A lot of Shanghainese became the apprentices of these European masters. These apprentices were pioneers to get in touch with and acquire the skills of the European fashion masters, and later opened their own tailor company in Shanghai. Mr. Zeepha Cheung was one of these tailoring pioneers.

In his early years, Mr. Zeepha Cheung learnt from many French fashion masters in Shanghai. Yet, the chaotic war years forced many ingenious Shanghai tailors to flee from their home town. With his exquisite craftsmanship, Mr. Zeepha Cheung moved to Hong Kong and opened his own tailor company. In 1946, Zeepha Couture was established at The Hong Kong Hotel at Central. It was moved to the Prince’s Building in 1965, relocated to New Henry House in 1991, then to 1 Duddell  Street in 2010 and moved to Tak Shing House in 2016. The company with over 70 years’ of history is currently situated at Room 501, Yip Fung Building Central.

About the Chief Designer Mr. Eric Cheung

The Chief Designer of Zeepha Couture, Mr. Eric Cheung, is the second generation of the Cheung tailoring family. As the eldest son of Mr. Zeepha Cheung, Mr. Eric Cheung started as a tailor apprentice under his father at the young age of 18. At 1974, he inherited his father’s tailoring business and worked hard to enhance and glorify the company. With 60 years’ of experience in the field of fashion design, he acquired clients which include local as well as overseas celebrities, like British Royal Family Members, Princess Anne, and Hollywood star Brook Shields, etc.

The booming of garment industry in the 70s and 80s had a great impact on the tailoring
industry. The younger generation mainly focuses on the style of fashion but overlooks the quality of craftsmanship. Nonetheless, exquisite craftsmanship will never be buried. There is always a place for goods with delicate and elegant quality. With his ingenious craftsmanship, Mr. Eric Cheung leads Zeepha Couture to maintain its prestigious status in the Hong Kong fashion industry.


Delicate and elegant

As said by Mr. Eric Cheung, the current Chief Designer at Zeepha Couture, “Shanghainese  are experts in hand-sewn stitching, making hand-wrap buttons, and hand-opened button hole. These delicate processes lead to the production of good looking and long lasting masterpieces.”

Multiple choice

Zeepha Couture provides tailor-making of all types of women’s clothing, for example, wedding dress, evening gown, mother of the bride suit, bridesmaid dress, qipao, business suit, casual wear, etc.

keeps Fashion

The company does not only reserve the noble and elegant French tradition, it also keeps abreast of fashion trends and continues on improving its service and products. The design and prints are more refined and clear; while the cutting and sewing processes are more particular and exquisite. With the balance of classical charisma and the current vogue, each piece of clothing from Zeepha Couture is finely produced with unique craftsmanship.